Coming back to wordpress

Hi everyone, I am back onto wordpress to blog.

I share this page with my other blog called The Parenting Adventures which is on WordPress and I have my own blog website I will combining these together.

So coming up in 2015 I will be taking Henry to a Mother and Toddler group tomorrow and see how it goes. I am a little nervous, plus I am starting a new Part Time job which I am looking forward to, and I also enjoy exercising, mainly running, training indoors and walking. I post about my training on the carrieshomemadelife website and on my wordpress site Sports Fitness Passion.

I do think it is important as a mum that I look after myself and set a good example for my son. Exercise trust me doesn’t have to be hard, going for a leisurely walk is exercise and really helps clear the mind. Since I have taken up running, walking and training indoors, which I do a mix of weights, abs, core, yoga and pilates, which I mix into an aerobic routine, I haven’t looked back.

You can go to the gym that is how I started but due to my budget being tight I haven’t been able to afford the gym and adapted my workout routine at home. I will give advice on how to work at home without spending any money at all.

Doing 10 minutes of exercise is still getting the blood pumping and will help with making gradual steps for you to be more fitter and healthier. Same with changing your nutrition too. A good diet is not doing a diet at all, but educating yourself on food, and this is where I think kids and adults who are not able to cook should be taught as this will help change your eating habits and see that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and you can still have the things you love too.

There is nothing wrong with comfort food, but it is about moderation, how you cook the food and learning how to change your comfort food to a more healthier comfort choice.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X