My son at 4 years and 4 months

My son is now 4 years and 4 months old, soon to be starting school in September.

My son

We are still Potty Training, I had not idea it would take this long, but we think he is getting the idea as he will sit on his potty when needing the toilet more now, just a few accidents on the way.

Yesterday he managed to on his tablet, which we use only so he can watch Peppa Pig and nursery rhymes, he actually dialed my mum and did face time yesterday evening, at 4 years old.

He even lined up his cups in order as they have numbers at the bottom and had them neatly lined up. I did praise him for doing so and because he saw it was a good thing, he did it again.

We played a game where by I hid a ball under the cups he had to try and pick which cup the ball was under. He loved this game, that we played it for a long while.

Meal times vary his appetite keeps changing from becoming very high to very low, and he even told me that his meal in the evening was too much, so now we try and give him smaller portions.

We have started to give him a multi vitamin as he not keen on vegetables at the moment, he just decided he didn’t like them, even though he did eat them before with no fuss at all.

He now asks more for things now, like if he wants to watch football or rugby or Peppa Pig. We try to balance it out, so he can have less ball time more mental play, such as getting him to do puzzles or drawing.

When he does say a new word we praise him for it, and let him know that his length of communication is getting good, and he will sit down more and play rather than wanting to run around all the time.

We are trying to ease him out of the pushchair by taking him out without the pushchair, and when he walks with us we praise him, but if he runs off we make sure he knows not to by not taking him to the park for example. He can have privileges, when he has done good, not when he has done wrong.

I do feel he has progressed hugely since he turned 4, still got a lot of progression to work on in terms of his communication, but feel it is getting better each day.

I would love to hear how your little one is growing too, do you have any tips you would like to share of how to for example to potty train with less accidents.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Potty Training Videos

Not easy! however I have come across some videos on Youtube which have been most helpful.

The 3rd one is quite funny and make you see, that you are not alone in feeling a little frustrated, as potty training is a transition for everyone, so never fear watching and learning from others can really help.

There are some great story books and cartoon type videos too to help. An example below:

I hope you found this useful and if you want to share some tips please do, be most welcomed.

Many thanks for reading and watching,


Carrie X

3 years and 6 months

My son Henry is getting stronger than ever. He now is walking up and down the stairs as supposed to climbing up them on his hands and knees, and is more stable on his feet.

We can no longer go to the park without his ball, as I will hear continously “Ball, Ball”, He will say the words Hello to people and goodbye when they leave. He still being potty trained, and this is taking its time, aswell as walking too.

He will spot different sounds of cars, hellicopters, which he calls “Butter”, how? Only he knows. He will spot a plane, he will know what a car is and when he has had enough of sitting in the pushchair he will begin to say “Walk, Walk”. He won’t always walk in the direction we want, but he is identifying now, that if he walks with us, he can stay out of the pushchair.

He not so into the swings now, or the playground, and will now walk through the park with me up to the big crossing we have, but he still won’t walk with us, from that point, as he wants to go the other way. Again no idea why.

We have a bit of a dilemma with food, as yesterday he was kicking off a lot because he wanted to get down and not eat. This time of year it is tricky as he does get very hot, and he wants to drink more than eat. So now we are gonna try no snacks, so he eats more of his meals.

It has been a tricky time as he is growing and learning new things each day, but it has been an experience and eye opener for us too.

He has had more Occupational Therapy, and again he won’t always want to sit down, unless it involves a ball or some bubbles.

I know this little moments won’t last forever but when he does do something knew my heart leaps with joy, but also a little sad, as the little baby that once was is becoming a grown boy.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

You do whatever it takes

As I write this blog my little man is or should be a sleep now for the evening. However I do have that doubt as he will tend to wake up just as we are about to go to bed. Today I remembered to change his nappy before putting him to bed, but last night was a totally different story. I forgot to change him before putting him to bed last night, so I tried to change him whilst he was asleep, but every time I would delicately turn him on his back to change the nappy he would roll over to his front, so I lift him out slowly keeping him a sleep to see if I have better luck changing him on the changing mat in his room. No joy. Finally I get the nappy on and almost completed when he weeps.

Oh no I cry in my head, please don’t wake, I continue in my head, as I know he will now play up and not go back.

He did and then had to spend the next 5 hours trying to get him back to sleep, thinking each time I had been successful, as I leave the room he screams. So I think, let him settle by himself as he can some nights. He doesn’t. So I decide to get him up and have him sit with me quietly for a bit. Try putting him back this time thought, yeah done it. So I get ready for bed, as soon as my head hits the pillow out cries my son. OH NO I CRY IN MY MIND PLEASE NOT NOW.

However the guilt of feeling like I being selfish wanting to be a sleep myself I get up and check on him.

This just makes him worth and now he creeps up to stand on the edge of his cot holding on the sides wanting to play.

I know it says in the books not to speak to him, but as soon as I tell myself no talking to him, the urge to talk to him rises so I do. I put on his disney music which we use to help him go back to sleep, sorry to those mums who disapprove of this but sometimes you do whatever it takes to get your little bubs to sleep. We think we have thankfully by 23:30 after two decaf coffees hoping he will settle he finally quietens, which we can hear through the baby monitor and think right lets get to sleep.

Don’t be fooled, as soon as I get into dream mode I am awake my son is crying again through the baby monitor. Do I go in or do I allow him to settle? I am contemplating this lying in bed, hoping he will quieten down but he gets louder, so I get up and go in, he stops climbs, and OH NO HE WANTS TO PLAY.

Finally it is midnight and yes he finally goes off to sleep for the night and yes I did play his music, but as said when tired you do whatever it takes.

I am relieved that I didn’t have to get up to do the 6:30am breakfast feed this morning, at least I get a lie in. Sorry to daddy but he gets the lie in the next morning.

To all mums and dads out there, you are fabulous and are doing a fab job, even though I know myself it feels like you can never win.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X