Products I recommend

There are so many baby products out there, that it is no surprise that as parents we can get so overwhelmed. So here I will be adding some products as a fellow parent I would recommend. It is good to go on recommendation, but at the same time trust your judgement too. This is purely to help give you some idea on what to spend extra for and what not too.

When Henry was about to come into the world, I went to a Baby Show, at the Kensington Olympia. I spend £50 on Tommee Tippee, Microwave Sterilizer, a bottle set and a Manual hand pump. Then spend £60 on a changing bag.

The Bottles were used once, as Henry hadn’t taken to the teat on the bottle. So when Henry was in hospital they recommended Avent Bottles instead, the Manual Hand pump, a nightmare. I wouldn’t even bother. It made me feel so defeated, having struggled with breastfeeding anyway, because even though I would say if you think breast milk is the best option, then trust your instincts, and you do what is best for your child. I was doing all I could to produce breast-milk, but no matter how long I massaged my boobs, and used a warm flannel to entice the milk to come through, not much came to the horizon. Sorry if this is TMI. The manual hand pump made my arm and hand ache, and it made me feel hopeless. However using an electric breast pump did help a lot, I did manage to produce more milk than before, still not as much compared to some mums who could properly produce a full pint of milk, but I felt I was finally achieving success.

This meant having to spend more money, which if I had listened in the first place I wouldn’t have had to, and would have gone with the electrical one to begin with and would have had more joy. This is where the recommendation from my sister-in-law who is a nanny as a profession, came in handy, and I should have listened to from the start.

The one item that was a good investment, and I would fully recommend is no matter what make you choose, but a Microwave Sterilizer. So convenient and straight forward. Just make sure you follow the guidelines when it comes to the wattage of your microwave and time to put the sterilizer in the microwave for.


This one (in the image above) was exactly like ours. This image is from Mothercare they are doing the sterilizers which includes a bottle, a soother and a set of tongs, which you use to take the bottles out with once sterilized for £13.50 in Mothercare. They will stay sterile for 24 hours once sterilized and kept in the sterilizer with lid on.

I would just make sure you buy a bottle brush to clean the bottles in warm soapy water first, to clean any milk residue off, before putting them into the sterilizer. This does include cleaning the rings that come with the bottle and teats too.

You can descale the sterilizer, which is recommended, using citric acid sachets.

They provide all this information in the instructions.

The breast pump I used was also Tommee Tippee. Part of the breast pump can be sterilized in the microwave sterilizer, such as the plastic parts, like the funnel and the bottle.


This wasn’t the one I had, but is an example. This is the Avent Breast Pump. I used to be a technical support adviser for the brand, until it was taken over overseas and was one of the most popular items Avent used to sell, and I would get calls on. It can be tricky if you have not used one before. You have to make sure that there is no air getting out, via the funnel or other parts. So if you have tried but struggled, what I did, I took it all apart again and put it together. I found it was the cushion on the funnel wasn’t on properly you have to make sure it is sitting securely around the top of the funnel, and the valve that sits at the bottom between the pump and the bottle is fitted correctly too.

This image is from the one they are selling on Toyrus website, for £149.99.

They can be a bit pricey, but I would if I do have another child pay that extra.

My changing bag a complete waste of money. I used it twice. It was too bulky and weighed a tone even before anything was put into it.

The one I bought from Avon, was much better and less the price.

Here is a sample of the Avon Baby Changing bag below:


This image is from:

It only cost about £10 or so. Lasted me for ages. Was good weight so was easy to fit onto my pram or pushchair and could put a lot of items in, such as changing of clothes, nappies, bottles, wipes and other essentials.

This one is no longer available, but is an example that, there is no need to spend £60 on a changing bag, when there are more other items to worry about.

I now just use a handbag, to carry items around. It really doesn’t need to be massive in size, just enough room for a change of clothes, should the worse case scenario happen, and as children get bigger they will get a bit grubbier when out, and some wipes, I feel lost when I don’t now, nappy bags, nappies, a bottle of water or one of Henry’s cups, plus some snacks.

When it comes to buying items for your baby, go with the A, B, C method. So A’s, the most important, B, The next important C, not so important.

I always no matter what budget and see where I can still get the items I need but save money at the same time.

Please let me know of any products you recommend I would love to hear from you.


Carrie X